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Come to Edisto Island for Your Wedding or Event

Your special day should be just right. Where to have your wedding
or event is among the most important decisions you will make.
Nestled between Charleston and Beaufort SC, Edisto Island
is a classic southern sea island. Once home to Sea Island cotton,
indigo and rice Edisto today is a laid back community
where the natural beauty has been preserved.

In the heart of the island lie two romantic and historic properties.
Both are private homes made available for special occasions like yours.

One is spacious with expansive grounds and moss draped oak trees.
The other is an intimate location perfect for a smaller wedding or event.

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Bailey Plantation House Event Options
From front porch of Cassina Pt. Side yard Cassina Pt. Bailey House back lawn bridal change area

From front porch
Cassina Point

Side yard at
Cassina Point

Bailey House
rear lawn

Bailey bridal
change area

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